SEO Academy is Holding Inaugural Courses in Los Angeles

SEO Academy

One of the West Coast's most reputable SEO agencies is offering courses to business owners and individuals looking to learn vital skills for creating a presence on search engines, social media and the greater digital realm.

SEO Expert Danny has been one of the top SEO agencies for many years, and it's now offering classes at its Silver Lake campus in Los Angeles.  The curriculum will include techniques for attaining a high web presence, high search engine rankings as well as tried-and-true content and marketing strategies. 

Danny Star, founder of SEO Expert Danny will be offering a course in search engine techniques and Google Algorithms.  Other specialists from the Google Partner Web Agency will also be on hand to share their expertise.  Heads of web development, content writing and social media will provide their own courses as part of this one-day curriculum.  

"I believe that in each field when you have done something for so long, you should decide it's time to start teaching."

Danny Star, Founder of SEO Academy

"I believe that in each field when you have done something for so long, you should decide it's time to start teaching," said Star.  "A lot of the people I follow started with smaller SEO agencies and they grow into sophisticated agencies with teaching plans."  

The experts at SEO Academy have a long track record in making their own website ventures successful in the digital realm.  They convey their expertise with the clients they work with every day as an agency.  Entrepreneurs from the construction, real estate, skilled-labor, health, arts, legal and publishing industries have sought out the team from SEO Expert Danny-- in many cases keeping the agency on retainer.  

Nick Jeffers, the agency's lead web developer, will be the lead instructor for SEO Academy's WordPress classes.  Jeffers has over a decade of experienced in advanced web development, and has coded and launched hundreds of high-end websites for businesses.  Students will learn how to tap into their creative potential in the universe of the world's most popular open-sourced website platform.  During this instruction, you will learn SEO techniques, coding tricks and how to make WordPress plugins work best for you and your business.

Zeke Hernandez, the agency's lead content creator, will be the lead instructor on the topic of content strategy.  He will share his knowledge with students in structuring the right kind of business copy and on-topic multimedia that will help students boost interest and awareness in the websites they develop and own.  Hernandez has a decade's worth of experience in sales, news writing and public relations.    

Star said that SEO Academy is geared towards small business owners who want to learn to engage with and grow their customer base.  Also, advanced courses will be offered that will help build necessary skills for those who want to raise their value as marketing consultants or cost-per-click advisors,

"We are planning to offer advanced courses, so options are limitless," said Star.    

SEO Expert Danny is a boutique SEO and web marketing agency that works very closely with clients in reaching their stated goals for their business' online identity.  Many of their partners have attained a first-page search engine presence as well as higher numbers of social media followers.  

The first set of classes are filling up quickly, but there is still a chance to enroll.  Visit SEO Academy or call (323) 407-6673 to find out about pricing for courses or the entire curriculum.  Lunch and learning materials will be provided for all students.  Classes will total in 12 hours through a single weekend, and prices will range depending on special speakers and level of classes.  

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